Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A good day for daisies

So Friday was a hard day. I think the overwhelming exhaustion had just about done me in...and then I went to Chinese class. I can now honestly say that I know exactly how my kindergarten students have felt over the past several years when I look at them and make these strange sounds they dont know and I expect them to repeat them perfectly, and they look at me with a total and complete blank look. I was there. I was the total and complete blank look. And as the hour and a half slowly passed, the knot in my throat just kept getting bigger and bigger. All I wanted to do was escape to my room and cry. At one point I really wondered what in the world I was doing in China.

Thankfully, prior to Chinese lessons, we had planned a trip to the flower market. Mikey had suggested getting some plants to "liven" my room up a little. Although they have the shelf life of about 3 days, there is something so joyful about a daisy, so I got a few (I needed quite a bit of livening...). It just seemed like a good day for daisies.

When we got back, after a short meeting, I went to my room to try to sleep off a little bit of my frustration. That didnt work, so I went down to the first floor for a little play time. After about an hour I came out with a fresh mani/pedi, courtesy of Isaac and Jaelynn (now who wouldnt feel better after that? Notice the polish on my feet too :)....

After this, I did some laundry (clean sheets also a great feel good) and Mariah and I watched "Pride and Prejudice". There's something quite comforting about popcorn, hersheys, Mr. Darcy, and a good talk with a friend.

I know that hard days will come. They are inevitable, whether here or anywhere. I am thankful for the little things the Lord brings into our lives to lift our spirits at just the right time, like daisies. I am grateful for old friends that I can share my heart with, and new friends who will become those that I will often turn to, especially when I cant call home because its the middle of the night. I am grateful that His mercies begin afresh each morning; that He is my inheritance, so I can place my hope in Him. I am grateful that will never change, no matter what kind of day it is.


  1. I'm grateful for you and the insights and encouragements that you so transparently share. I haven't written many messages to you, but I think of you quite often when I go to refill my tea from the fridge. Your beautiful prayer card is right there and it always takes me on a trip to China. I fell in love with each of those precious, smiling babies too. I'm thankful for new mercies each morning and I, too, am thankful for daisies. Love you.

  2. Ah...Mr. Darcy. How wonderful. Emily will be thrilled.