Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Addition to "A day of mixed emotions"

I know I have already posted today, but I just had to add this little "happy" I received earlier...
In my "mixed emotions" post I mentioned missing that exciting feeling of getting my class list. Today I recieved an email with a list of kids at Maria's that will be in my preschool class. Caitlin, the girl who has been there this past year, put together a list of the kids along with short descriptions of each child's medical conditions and personality traits. I was so excited to sit down and read about each one and then it hit me, this is just like getting my annual class list. Whether here or there, each name represents a precious child that I get the priviledge of knowing and teaching. I look forward to adding pictures soon, but for now, please begin praying for these sweet children by name. Please pray for me as I get to know them and that God would give me the patience and knowledge on how to best serve each one individually, especially at the beginning as we work through the language barrier and get to know each other.

Here they are:
Isaac, age 4
Jaelynn, age 5
Naomi, age 3
Judah, age 4
Jessica, age 5
Fahlin, age 2


  1. I love this:) I took our girls to school yesterday to school to look at their class lists and now I get to see our little guy's class list:) Praying for you as you prepare to go. I can only imagine the range of emotions you are feeling. We will continue praying for you throughout the year. When we talk about you before we pray, the girls refer to you as, "Ms. Rebecca in the orange chair" {since your pic. is on our fridge!} We are praying for you daily and are praying for your class too.

  2. Love it! It's so cool to see that God not only has the big things covered, but he cares enough to add in these little things - taking something you were missing and giving it back to you in a new way! He's just awesome like that! We are praying for you & can't wait to hear about your latest adventures!