Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A quick update on travels...

What a day it's been...well, I guess two days. The time is blurring together.

I am sitting at JFK right now about an hour before take-off. Yesterdays travel didnt pan put quite as scheduled, so I am a day late. Yesterday started at 3:45 am with a 6:35 departure out of Pensacola to Dallas. During my layover in Dallas I did get to have breakfast with Melinda, Gigi, and Sofie, which was a wonderful treat. Then I was on my way to JFK. To say JFK is overwhlming is definately an understatement. By the time I reached my terminal, they had closed the flight to Beijing and given my seat to someone else. My initial cry. But, I did well holding it in. They provided me a room at a nearby hotel with three meals. Thankfully, there was a three hour marathon of The Office on TBS. It provided the comic relief I needed after a day of frustration and dissapointment.

So, today I was sure to get to the airport in PLENTY of time...4 hours early! Initially they told me that I would have to be stand-by but that they were expecting a full flight. Again, I could feel the tears. Thankfully, the lady that was at the counter yesterday came and gave me a seat right away. Ok, so then came security.  But at that point, I felt better, at least I had a ticket.

I can't really begin to decribe the thoughts running through my mind. I think the eagerness to be there at this point has trumped the fear and anxiety I was experiencing yesterday. I guess that will come once I am on the plane and have 13 hours to think about it!

Thank you to all of you that have prayed, called, sent texts and encouraging messages over the past few days. I am truly grateful.

Boarding is beginning, so I am off... finally! :)

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