Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spring fever

Here's a look back at some spring highlights...
As I was going through my journal, I came across this quote. I feel like it sums up why I am going back and intentionally remembering the things the Lord has done. I hope it encourages you, but it's also a way for me to constantly be reminded, for the days when I need reminding...

"I have given you the enjoyment of My fellowship on the mountain top to prepare you for the ministry in the valley of service. Take the glory of the mountain top with you." (Come Away, My Beloved)

On March 1st my passport arrived...woohoo! First thing to check off my long to-do list!

In mid-March, my sweet Monday night family, the Clowers, hosted a brunch for me and some of my friends to help me get my support letters ready. I was (and continue to be) so grateful for the amazing support-system the Lord has given me during this time. I am amazed by how He has so overwhelmingly provided for me through so many of you. Thank you!

Here are a few shots of my sweet friends who helped me fold, stuff, seal, stamp, and address :)

One day as I was doing my devotion I came across this excerpt in Come Away, My Beloved. It seemed quite fitting...

"There is a work ready for you, and I have prepared you for it. It is too wonderful to miss. It will be silent but powerful. I will cause the veil to drop, and you will enter a new area of experience. You will be given knowledge in My Spirit that is not to be found in books... You will serve Me in ways you have never heard of before. It is My work. I have laid it out for you. Keep clear of man's work. Stay free to do mine. You will not miss it if you keep close to Me and stay sensitive to My Spirit."

On April 6th I purchased my airline ticket! It's officially official! Departure date: August 16th.

Around the end of April was when the reality of leaving started to set in a bit more, as the school year was nearing an end and I realized I only had a few weeks left with my precious kiddos. Right around that time I also received a package from Cathy at ShowHope with some sweet pictures of some of the kids at Maria's. The timing could not have been better.

May was a whirlwind of a month! By the beginning of the month, God had provided the amount I needed to spend a year at Maria's, and the support kept coming. Wow. In Genesis 22:14, Abraham refers to God as "Yahweh-Yireh" which means "the Lord will provide"...what an amazing promise.

In mid-May, our church hosted a ladies luncheon centered around orphan awareness. What a blessing to have the support of HFC and an awesome opportunity to speak out for some of the least of these around the world.
My dear friends, Cris and Karen Mahy started Mercy's Hope after adopting their daughter Karina. Mercy's Hope is a ministry of hope to the orphaned and underpriviledged of Ukraine

Show Hope: a movement to care for orphans. This is the organization I will be working alongside while at Maria's Big House of Hope

My friend Laura and her husband Adam are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. You can follow their adoption journey at

Enjoying great food and great company at the China table

My new friend Emma, adopted from China. Here she is showing off a picture of herself and her friends on the day they officially joined their forever families

Laura and I with our speaker Leanne. Leanne and her husband have adopted their precious Khai from Vietnam. We were so moved by their story and how God is using them to speak on behalf of adoption 

Lastly, I couldnt let May go without sharing a picture of my sweet babies on graduation day!

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