Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Christmas gift

Last week I received this gift through an email, a little "sneak peak" into my upcoming Christmas "gifts". Pat, our communications manager at hfc put this video together as an update for our church. As I watched it (more than once, of course) I was so overwhelmed by the love of my sweet friends to give up holiday time with their families to spend time with me and our children here at Maria's. As I watched the video and saw the sweet faces of our children here, I was taken back a few months to when I watched similar videos, but with a deep longing to be with them. This time I was able to see their faces with a totally different perspective. As I saw each face, I was filled with joy knowing that all I had to do was walk down a few floors to see those faces in person. I was also filled with peace knowing that it will be that way tomorrow, and the day after, and so on....

Hope you enjoy...great job Pat!

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