Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday night laundry: footed pajamas

It's Friday night and I am glad to be back in my usual Friday night niche...the laundry room :)

Actually, I am upstairs watching The Office (I found seasons 1-5 in the kitchen, complete with Chinese subtitles) but in between episodes, I am switching loads. The wonderful thing about having 5 washing machines is that I can do a few weeks' worth of laundry all at once; the downside is that the dryer cycle runs for 2 hours, so I forsee getting in quite a few Office episodes this evening. I think I mentioned this in my previous laundry post, but I do love being in our laundry room. One, I love to do laundry; but more so than loving laundry, I love going in there and seeing kids clothing hanging up on lines to dry. I love catching a glimpse at an orange shirt that belongs to Jaelynn, pink pants that belong to Lulu, and a little knit sweater that looks so cute on Joanna. And all those footed pajamas. I love footed pajamas. I love how cuddly kids look in footed pajamas. And as I look at all these clothes, it's not just the clothes that I see, but I am reminded of the faces. I am also reminded of the fact that I get to live with all of these kids; all 140 of them. And I give thanks for doing laundry.

Well, laundry is done and my clean sheets are calling...
Goodnight from this big blue house full of footed pajamas.

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  1. i love this perspective on the laundry room! love that it reminds you of individual faces. enjoy cuddling those precious little ones! and enjoy watching the office too!! :)