Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday night laundry, first edition

For the past three Friday nights I have found myself doing laundry. I know to most of you that may sound totally lame for a Friday night, but I actually really love doing laundry. I love the sorting, the folding, and most of all the smell of clean sheets when I go to bed. After a full week, the laundry room on a Friday night is somewhat of a haven, a time to slow down and just wait. As I sit in the laundry room waiting for a load to finish and another to begin, I see all of the little clothes hanging on the lines and it reminds me of the sweet children who wear those clothes. It reminds me of how thankful I am to be living in a place where little feet pitter patter all day, where I constantly hear the sounds of children laughing and crying, and where I am only a short walk away from a good cuddle or hug. A place where I can see the face of my Father in every little smile. One of my favorite places to visit has become the Peter Pan room, right across from our kitchen (which of course I visit frequently...) In this room, I have fallen in love with these three little treasures...




Since Friday nights seem to have become laundry nights, it seems like a good time to catch up on blogs and re-cap the week for those of you who have been so faithful to read and keep up with life here at Maria's. This week has been full. A good full. We had a sponsor group here all week from the U.S. (the last group of the year), so the week was full of new faces, new names, and sweet time with other brothers and sisters with a like-minded passion to care for these precious children. Katie and McKensey from Show Hope were here. What a gift to be able to see familiar faces half-way around the world and to have a roomate for the week. It was so exciting to see their joy as they discovered a new children each day that they bonded with and to hear their stories each evening as they shared what the Lord was doing in our midst. The week also included a trip to the Old Town (including some fantastic food) and a roof-top cook-out on their last night here (I can tell my appetite has definately come back, as much of my excitement seems to revolve around food!) I found myself really sad this morning as they pulled away, but at the same time I remain ever grateful that I don't have to leave this place. That I GET to stay here. I GET to be here; that I don't have to say goodbye to these children, at least not for a long time.

Along with the group being here this week, we have a wonderful new addition to our family here at MBHOH. Dr. Steve Martin and his wife Laura have just joined our family here, along with their six children. They have moved into the apartment down the hall from me and we are all so excited to have them here.

On a totally separate note, I wanted to share some really FANTASTIC news I received this week. It came in the form of an early Christmas gift (well, not the gift itself, but news of a gift to come). Earlier this week I received and email from my friend Laura Swann with an attached itinerary for a China...for Christmas!!! My sweet friend is coming over for 10 days to spend Christmas with me here at Maria's. And it gets better...on her way out, two other friends, Robin Bolin and Leanne Jenkins are planning on coming in so that the four of us can spend some time in Beijing together, then Robin and Leanne will return with me to Luoyang and spend a few days here at Maria's with me. Ahhh! I am so, so excited.

I will leave you with a few pics to recap the week...

Show Hope Sponsor team

Old Town Luoyang

Egg bread. Amazing.

Making a break for it...

Just kidding :)

"This is like a beef treat" -McKensey

Someone's really excited about chopsticks!

MBH nurses, my sweet family away from home

First trip to Wal-Mart...yeah!

....and McDonald's! :)


  1. Still praying for you, Rebecca! I know it has been a little difficult getting used to the different culture and all, but maybe the worst is past now! :) The photos of the children are just beautiful and I can tell why you have fallen in love with them! I'm so glad Laura, Leanne, and Robin are going to be visiting you! Love ya!

  2. Hi Rebecca! We love getting to keep up with you through your blog! We are praying for you daily and are SO thankful for you. I love hearing how God is providing for you and meeting you in such sweet ways. We will continue to pray!

  3. I LOVE your blog!! Cannot wait to see you in person...we are all thrilled! Cannot wait to hold those sweet babies too! Please get a list of lost of goodies together, we are excited to go shopping for you. So thankful to have you as a friend :) Your heart is so precious!

  4. Rebecca it is so amazing what God is doing through you there! I know that you are having a fantastic time! How exciting that Laura and your other friends are coming to visit you in December! Praying for you as you serve at MBHOH! :)

  5. How exciting that the girls are coming to see you at Christmas. That must feel like a huge red box with a bright green bow, tucked under the Christmas tree with your name on it!It's gonna be filled with wonderful surprises and blessings, Rebecca. So glad, I'm grinning. Lola says "MeeeOOOW!!!! Love you and Praying God's grace, mercy and love swallow you up and carry you along.