Saturday, July 28, 2012

A time to reflect

I am currently in Hong Kong, spending a week away from my home in China to process my visa for the next year. It is hard to believe that my first year is coming to a close and a new one is about to begin.

I am spending this week at a retreat center and looking forward to a time of rest as well as a time of processing and reflection over the past year (which explains the multiple blogs I have written today and will hopefully write throughout the week...I am making up for the lack of writing over the past two months!).

It has been a very full year to say the least. Full of "really high highs and really low lows" as Abby says (Abby is one of our summer interns and has become a very dear friend over the past few months). It has been a year full of laughter and life, intermingled with loss and sadness. Full of hugs, kisses, love, and surprises. Full of support, encouragement, and moments of being simply overwhelmed by God's faithfulness.

It has been a year of discovering parts of me that I didn't know existed, both beautiful and ugly, and parts that I've tried to keep hidden but are crying to come out. I have seen the best of me come out along with the worst of me. I have seen how giving I can be one minute, and how selfish I can be the next. I have seen a confident and strong side of myself along with a very fearful and anxious side of me. Essentially, I have seen my best hand-in-hand with my worst.

In showing me more of myself, God has also shown me more of Himself. He has shown me just how weak I am and how desperate I am for His grace to come through for me daily. He has shown me how much He values life. He has shown Himself to be faithful in abundant ways, not only providing for my basic needs, but giving me so many extra joys along the way.

I hope you will be encouraged as you read. I know that healing comes with reflection as we take a look back and are able to see in hindsight the things that we could not see or understand in the moment. I trust that the journey will continue and there is still much for me to see and learn, and countless ways in which God still desires to shape and mold me into the image of His son.

Thank you for following in the journey with me.


  1. Rebecca,
    I just want you to know that Seth and I are continuing to pray for you. I know the good times have to be wonderful and the bad times horrible. Even though I know you are where God wants you to be (it's so evident!), but I know that doesn't make it easy. Love you!!!

  2. Spent some time reading from your heart this morning and wanted to let you know how much He is using it to minister to my own. As I've processed the last couple of weeks, there have been some places I've been afraid to go. I don't know what to do with them or what He will ask of me, but He is continuing to use you to remind me of truth even when we are on different continents. Thank you for being a willing vessel and precious example. Love to you...